Perfect Garage Floor Coating in 4 Steps

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Perfect Garage Floor Coating in 4 Steps

Applying our proven 4 step Garage Floor Coating process, our technicians recently completed yet another garage flooring project in Dunedin Florida and in less than 24 hours.


Original Garage Floor:



Step 1: Diamond Grind 

  • We first used our concrete diamond grinder on the existing garage floor to roughen up the concrete
  • This will remove any existing coatings and surface imperfections and allow our coatings to penetrate into the concrete
  • Proper surface preparation ensures the best concrete coating and adhesion possible.




Step 2: Fill In the Cracks

  • Next we fill in all the divots and cracks with a polymer resin.
  • This gives your garage floor he smoothest appearance possible.


Step 3: Vapor Barrier and Decorative Chips

  • The vapor barrier and decorative chips are applied to protect your new garage flooring from hot tire lift up.


Step 4: Topcoat Application

  • Finally the polaispartic/polyuera protective topcoat is applied.


After 3 hours your new floor has cured enough for foot traffic and is ready for most your items to be returned to the garage. I recommend waiting until the next day to park your vehicles back in the garage is it takes 24 hours for the chemicals to finalize their curing process for full chemical resistance.

This was a 760 square foot with our dolphin 1/4″ chip color.





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